Thursday, July 5, 2007

Week 4

Items 8 and 9 for week 4 were very interesting. I certainly was amazed at how the RSS connections work. The only problem I had was timing. The estimated 1 hour allotment for each lesson didn't apply here. Even after discounting the interruptions necessary to do my regular job, it still took a day and a half for me to complete these items.


The Bob said...

I think we should hear more about the STEELERS and less about technology. We need to keep our priorities in order, right? STEELERS RULE!! Ravens drool!

Your Friend in PA,

jamie said...

I agree - my biggest problem with RSS is that I kept going off on tangents when hunting for things. Which is what RSS is supposed to eventually solve, but it's also half the fun!

TennisPlayingLibrarian said...

Al, it seems like all my "Things" are taking more than an hour. There is no way anyone could check out any of these feature without spending at least a few hours, often more, to get a grasp.

By the way, even though I like you, RAVENS RULE and Steelers drool...sorry, Bob.


Lindabeekeeper said...

I think the RSS feeds are the hardest things to figure out of the 23 things. It is easiest to either search only when you are in Bloglines or add the Bloglines button to your favorites. Otherwise it gets confusing to figure out how to add them to your bloglines account.

Jersey Girl said...

Steelers are Great !!!! I got to meet Franco Harris many years ago. Super nice person !!!!Don't forget the Eagles, too !!!!

HCPL WebMaster said...

wow... look at all these comments... ya gotta keep pluggin' ... let me know if you need any help.